Learn To Play Guitar on a properly tuned guitar

When learning to play guitar, it is important that your guitar is tuned correctly. With the best beginner guitar you get an extra set of spare strings, which you need is to set up yourself. TRy to look up on the internet for instructional video to learn how to put strings on your guitar and you can change this on your own.

The main guitar starter problem

What if the fingers of your left hand must be too far stretch? Have you only recently begun on the guitar, you may find it difficult to die to spread some handles far enough. The good news is that if you have done some practiced a long time, the fingers of your left hand are becoming more flexible and may extend beyond than the first months of the course.

Tip! To learn to play guitar, we recommend a steel string guitar or a classical guitar and a chord book with text book so you can quickly get the hang of simple chords.

Guitar service

Since all guitars are made of wood, it means that the wooden instrument is ‘alive’ and that the guitar has to be maintained properly. Over the years, the guitar has its own character and sound to develop. Because these guitars in a mid / upmarket fall, you want to enjoy your guitar as long as possible. To ensure a long life we have the following tips for you to maintain your guitar:

  1. The maintenance is different from brands to brands. This depends on how the guitar has been built
  1. Dry air, for example, the heater which you need in the winter, is very bad for the guitar. In order to prevent the bridge from coming off or cracks, come into your guitar store where you bought the guitar from, there are maintenance of every brand.
  1. Is there excessive “action”? Action is the name for the distance between the string and the neck, it may be too high (or too low). Then the guitar over the entire height is difficult to play and you have to push very hard to get the string tightly against the neck. But if you’ve bought the guitar in a good music shop, you may rest assured that the guitar is tuned properly for you. Especially if you’re an absolute beginner, you can adjust the guitar better even than the specialists.
  1. Protect your guitar with special covers. Are you going to barely move your guitar? Then choose a cheaper, smaller cover. Take your guitar along on a trip, for example to camping fire? Then choose a hard case that is light in weight. Are you going to go on a trip or a tour? Then choose a guitar case. Watch out! Guitar bags are heavier and therefore almost exclusively unsuitable for use in the car.

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